The Kiwanis Club of Mariemont is proud to be involved in multiple programs that impact the children of our community.

Scholarships & Awards

The majority of the dollars that the Kiwanis Club of Mariemont raises each year are used to continue a long history of granting scholarship dollars to Mariemont High School graduates. To date, the club has generously awarded $200,000 in scholarship dollars! These funds are given to students based on financial need, academic achievement, leadership and service. Recipients of these scholarships have opportunities to continue receiving financial support throughout their college experience.

Committee chairperson: Jack Smith
Committee Members:
Jim Renner, Matt Nickum, Jim Rauth, Lauren Harmon, Kathy Chapman-Dick, Barb Anderson, Roger Stafford, Mike Pope, David Peterson, Jennifer Kaminer

Builders Club

Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school and junior high students, with more than 45,000 members worldwide. The Kiwanis Club of Mariemont sponsors and leads Builders Clubs at Mariemont Elementary School, Terrace Park Elementary School and Mariemont Junior High School. Members learn to work together and develop servant-leaders skills as they serve their school and community. In partnership with UNICEF and March of Dimes, the clubs are able to expand their outreach to babies and children of the world. Builders Club is a student-led community service organization that operates under school regulations and draws its members from the student body of each school.

Mariemont Elementary Committee chairperson: Dave Jennings
Terrace Park Elementary Committee chairperson: Jack Smith
Mariemont Junior High School Committee chairperson: Jeremy Gates

Key Club

Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Our club supports the Mariemont High School Key Club. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

Key Club International brings together all Key Club’s members’ efforts and energies into an area that makes an international impact through the Major Emphasis, “Children: Their Future, Our Focus.” The Major Emphasis unites Key Clubs under the banner of service that deals with the most important part of our community, our youth.
The Key Club service initiative is the hands-on element of the Major Emphasis. All of the hands-on service provided to children by Key Club International members is directed to a single area of need, to make a substantial impact. The current service initiative, The Eliminate Project, allows Key Clubbers joining forces with Kiwanis International and UNICEF eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Committee Chairperson: David Peterson

Circle K Club

Service is the heart of Circle K Club. This club is the Kiwanis club’s presence on college campuses. Collectively, Circle K Club members perform more than 1 million hours of service on their campuses and in their communities every year. Without service, Circle K would be just another campus activity. Through service, college students are making the world a better place.

Committee Chairperson: Roger Stafford

Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY)

Each spring, Southwest Ohio HOBY provides over 200+ sophomores in high school the chance to heighten their leadership skills, learn how to give back to their community and become change agents. Mariemont Kiwanis helps cover the cost to send two Mariemont High School students to the conference each year.

Memorial Day Essay Contest

Each Memorial Day, the three villages of the Mariemont City School District (Fairfax, Mariemont and Terrace Park) come together for Memorial Day parades and programs, and the Kiwanis Club of Mariemont is a key participant. The centerpiece of all three events is the reading of a special Memorial Day essay by students of the Mariemont City School District.

Through our partnership with the Mariemont City Schools, our club sponsors an essay contest for sixth grade students giving our young people an opportunity to research and share the meaning of Memorial Day. Three students are selected to read their essays at a club meeting and village events.

Committee Chairperson: Todd Keyes

Winners Walk Tall

Winners Walk Tall is a program for third grade students in the Mariemont City School District. Students learn the importance of manners, leadership, ethics and life skills. Students develop a positive sense of self-esteem, respect for others, and the ability to make good decisions about behaviors that impact their lives.

The Kiwanis Club of Mariemont leads Winners Walk Tall programs at Mariemont Elementary School and Terrace Park Elementary School.

Mariemont Elementary Committee Chairperson: Jack Smith
Terrace Park Elementary Committee Chairperson: Andy Mauch


Young people need support in a variety of ways. Whether exploring a career, discovering a passion or getting extra academic support, Kiwanis mentors are making a difference in the lives of our students. The Kiwanis mentorship program is the primary volunteer option for members of the community in the Mariemont City School District who want to help.

Committee Chairperson: Steve Spooner

Investment Education

We believe that every citizen, starting at the earliest age, can benefit from understanding the important role of the capital markets in their lives. That’s why the Kiwanis Club of Mariemont leads investment education programs in the Mariemont City Schools.

Kiwanis members help junior high school students “play” the Stock Market Game (SMG), which is a vehicle for teaching students about public and private companies and stockholder relations. It lasts 10 weeks and each team has $100,000 to invest in a virtual portfolio. Students learn how to research what a company does, its products, its growth rates and its profitability.

Upon entering high school, many students with SMG experience join the Green Envy Investment Club, sponsored by Kiwanis and the OKI Chapter of Better Investing. The club is a legal Ohio partnership and students own stocks under the Uniform Gift to Minors Act. Students join Better Investing and learn methods for effective investing strategies.

Committee Chairperson: Jeremy Gates

Kiwanis Float

The Kiwanis Float was designed to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Kiwanis and 50th Anniversary of the Kiwanis Club of Mariemont, but has remained in tact and prominently displayed during local events, fundraisers and parades including the annual Findlay Market Parade on Reds’ Opening Day!

Committee Chairperson: John Wenstrup
Committee Members: Dean Clingerman, Dave Boyles