There are many opportunities to volunteer within the Kiwanis Club of Mariemont. Every member of our club brings a unique set of talents and interests and contributes in a special way. The work of our club takes place within four teams:

Youth Services:

This team coordinates and leads the many programs our club sponsors for the youth of our community in partnership with the Mariemont City School District.

Team Leader: Jack Smith
Members: Jeremy Gates, David Peterson, Todd Keyes, Roger Stafford, Erika Simmons, Thad Highbaugh, Jim Renner, Gina Stalzer

Marketing & Promotion:

This team coordinates the communication efforts of the club to make sure our community understands the difference our members make and understand that our kids need Kiwanis.

Team Leader: David Peterson
Team Members: Alex Lange, Steven Estepp and Ken White

Member Services:

This team takes cares of our members, including recruitment efforts, member recognition and meeting programs.

Team Leader: Ken White

Events & Fundraisers:

This team coordinates the fundraisers for the club along with the events that the club participates in throughout the year.

Team Leader: Todd Keyes